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Are you a fresher/job seeker looking for your Dream Job? Well passion and skills will surely drive you to one; But what is the right path to get one? One of the finest ways is ‘AMCAT Exam‘, have you ever heard about it? Don’t worry if not; here you go

What is AMCAT Exam?

Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test (AMCAT) is a very innovative evaluation method to test all your skills and abilities like aptitude skills, reasoning skills, verbal skills, mental ability skills and technical skills. AMCAT Exam is an Adaptive Test, where the level of one question depends on the answer of the previous one. If you answered the first question correctly then it will increase the level of the next question if not then the level will be decreased. Your overall score depends on the level of questions attempted correctly. It also provides many other beneficial services to build a strong profile.

Who all are eligible and what pattern is followed?

Any candidate who has completed their under graduation or post graduation or in the final year of their courses can enroll in it. This test is conducted every month in 40+ cities. The duration of this exam is approximately 3 hours. All Objective type questions with absolutely no negative marking.

What are the companies that considers AMCAT Exam score?

More than 750+ companies including MNC’s are hiring freshers/job seekers’ for many different roles from all around the places. More than hundred thousands of candidates are called for an interview and are offered with different profiles. Major recruiting types of companies are: IT Product/Services Companies, Automobile Companies, Financial Consultancies, Telecommunication companies and Corporate Ventures.

Popular companies recruiting through it?

  • Microsoft
  • Nokia
  • ITC limited companies
  • SBI Life Insurance
  • Tata Motors
  • Coca-Cola
  • Titan
  • Axis Bank
  • Bank of America
  • Godrej
  • Huawei
  • Accenture

What is AMCAT Exam syllabus?

Syllabus For Quantitative Ability Tech

Basic MathematicsDivisibility
Numbers, decimal fractions and power
Applied MathematicsProfit and Loss
Simple and Compound Interest
Time, Speed and Distance Inverse
Engineering MathematicsLogarithms
Permutation and Combinations

Syllabus for Quantitative Ability

Basic NumbersNumbersDecimal Fractions
Applied MathematicsWord Problem
Interest Word Problem
Inverse Word Problem
Profit Word Problem
Speed Word Problems
Number TheoryDivisibility, HCF and LCM

Syllabus for English Ability

VocabularySynonyms Antonyms Contextual Vocabulary
GrammarError Identification Sentence
Improvement and Construction
ComprehensionReading Comprehension

Syllabus for Logical Ability

Deductive ReasoningCoding deductive logic
Data Sufficiency, Directional Sense, Logical Word Sequence
Objective Reasoning
Selection decision tables, Puzzles
Inductive reasoningCoding pattern and Number series pattern recognition
Analogy and Classification pattern recognition

Syllabus for Information Gathering & Synthesis

Logical AbilityData Interpretation
Information Ordering
Information Processing

What is the latest AMCAT Exam pattern?

the Latest AMCAT Exam pattern consists of 6 compulsory modules comprising of: English module, Quantitative ability, Quantitative ability Tech, Logical ability,Information Gathering and Synthesis and AMPI module with two optional modules to be chosen at the time of Exam.

SectionsNo. of QuestionsTime Duration
Quantitative Ability Tech1620 mins
Quantitative Ability1420 mins
English Ability1818 mins
Logical Ability1215 mins
Information Gathering & Synthesis1215 mins
AMCAT Personality Inventory9020 mins
Domain-specific test (Can select any 2 modules of your choice)(based on modules selected)(based on modules selected )

What is the procedure to enroll in AMCAT Exam?

STEP 1: Register on official website. Visit and click on ‘Register’ option on the top right corner or click on the below link and it will take you to the registration page directly. Now fill in your details like name, email id, mobile number, degree and year of graduation. Once you fill them, click on the submit button. If you register with Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+, then you will receive an email with your login ID and password.

STEP 2: Schedule your AMCAT Exam whenever you want. Click on ‘schedule Amcat’. Select month and city in which you would like to appear for AMCAT.  The test center location is mentioned clearly. Once you select these, click on the ‘Book’ option.

Step 3: Make Payments. You will find the payment details on the screen. Scroll down the page and you will find the option ‘Pay now’. Select the mode of payment of your choice and complete the payment process. Before you make the payment please refer this for complete information – Amcat Fee structure, rescheduling options etc.

Now you Have successfully enrolled into AMCAT Exam.

What is the right time to apply for AMCAT Exam?

Now is the right time to apply for the test, prepare yourselves, tie up your seat belts and give it your best shot, who knows when a dream turns into your self-made reality.

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Q. What is the AMCAT ID?

A. AMCAT ID is a 14-digit unique ID generated when a candidate appears for the AMCAT Exam. It is generated during the test taking process and is given to the candidate. One should keep the AMCAT ID safely.

Q. Can I give the AMCAT Exam again?

A. You can give the AMCAT Exam again after 45 days of your last attempt.

Q. Is there an eligibility criteria to take the AMCAT Exam?

A. There is no eligibility criteria to take the AMCAT Exam. You should not have given the AMCAT in the last 45 days. There are no percentage criteria or educational qualifications to take the AMCAT.

Q. Am I eligible for AMCAT Exam?

A. Everyone is eligible for the AMCAT Exam. AMCAT is used by many different companies who have a spectrum of eligibility and qualification norms.

Q. Can I re-schedule my AMCAT Exam?

A. Yes, you can reschedule and give the test in another available time slot as long as your existing test slot is more than 24 hrs away.

Q. How do I pay for AMCAT Exam?

A. You can pay using Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking

Q. I have to take AMCAT Exam again, do I have to pay again ?

A. Yes you will have to pay again when you extend your subscription or Schedule AMCAT Exam again.

Q. How much do I have pay for AMCAT Exam?

A. You have to pay Rs. 900/- plus taxes to purchase AMCAT with annual subscription.

Q. Will we get all the benefits of AMCAT Exam, if we organize it at our college?

A. Yes. AMCAT is a standardized offering and all benefits associated with the test shall be provided.